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returning clients forms

Prior Estate Planning clients that are returning for an update, review, or other additional work. Please return the documents 48 hours prior to our meeting. We have found that the meeting takes less time, if you fill out and provide the information in advance; otherwise, it normally takes longer and consequently costs more to complete any needed work. Choose the single person or married clients package depending upon your marital status and fill out the requested information and then contact us to schedule a mutually convenient time to meet.

Package for Returning Client (Single) PDF

Package for Returning Clients (Married) PDF



If you are a Beaufort County resident who is in need of estate planning services and you have never been a client of ours, please download a package for New or Prospective Clients.  Choose the single person or married client package, depending upon your marital status. Most of the pages are for your information only and you do not need to bring them to the meeting.  You only need to bring the information that is requested on the "Instructions" page. Please return a copy of the requested information no less than 48 hours prior to your scheduled conference in order to receive your free initial consultation. Also, please review the terms and conditions of the free initial consultation in the package.

Package for Prospective Client (Single) PDF

Package for Prospective Clients (Married) PDF



We use the Short Checklist below during our initial meeting to determine (1) if the decedent's Personal Representative or Trustee needs to file an estate tax return, (2) if there are assets which require the appointment of a Personal Representative, (3) if simplified procedures can be used and (4) to spot numerous other potential issues. If the Short Checklist indicates that either the appointment of a Personal Representative or the filing of an estate tax return is required, then we normally have a longer second conference to review the Long Checklist.  With the Long Checklist, we review the duties and responsibilities of Personal Representative(s) and Trustee(s).  During this Long Checklist meeting, we explain the probate and/or trust settlement procedures and assign duties and responsibilities between the Personal Representative(s), Trustee(s), CPA, our office, and others, as needed.

The Representation/Engagement Letter with it Addendum sets forth the agreement between our law firm and the Personal Representative(s) and/or Trustee(s), the scope of our engagement, our fees and the estimated costs. These documents are quite detailed, and are designed to make sure that if you have any questions, they are already answered, and there are no surprises.

Short Checklist PDF

Long Checklist PDF

Representation/Engagement Letter PDF

Addendum to Representation/Engagement Letter PDF

Ancillary Probate Administration Memorandum PDF