Staff Continuing Legal Education

We strive to make sure that our staff members are the most up to date of any other comparable staff that engages in probate, trusts, estates and estate planning. We believe that continuing legal education is the key to providing high quality, competent services to our clients. Our staff members are provided with virtually unlimited educational opportunities.

Our lawyers routinely attend the finest continuing legal education courses available in the country.

Each year they attend the Heckerling Institute sponsored by the University of Miami Law School. It is the largest gathering of estate planning, trust and probate attorneys in the United States with more than 3,000 attending each year for 5 days. It is held each January in Orlando Florida. The speakers are always among the finest and best known lawyers in country. It is the most comprehensive continuing legal education offered anywhere in the United States.

Normally in April, our attorneys attend the certification review course in Orlando, Florida sponsored by the Florida Bar. It is as comprehensive update on estate planning, trusts and probate,

In August, our attorneys attend the annual Attorney Trust Officer Liaison Conference at the Breakers in Palm Beach. It is an update on major changes and sophisticated planning ideas for attorneys who focus their practices on high net worth individuals.

Our attorneys also often attend the South Carollina Probate Judges Bench Bar Seminar in Columbia, South Carolina, normally held in September of October of each year. It is a gathering of virtually all the probate judges in South Carolina and attorneys who focus their practices on probate matters. Mr. Howell was a speaker at the meeting in 2018.

In addition our attorneys attended other seminars in Florida and South Carolina. Our attorneys are licensed to practice law in both South Carolina and Florida.

Our paralegals and other staff members attend yearly conferences on estate planning, trust and probate matters sponsored by the South Carolina Bar and other organizations approved by our Commission on Continuing Legal Education. These are the same continuing legal education courses approved for attorneys.

Mr. Howell is also former member and secretary of the South Carolina Supreme Court Commission on Continuing Legal Education and Specialization.