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For Current Clients - It May Be Time to Update Your Estate Plan

 As we have stated in the past, it is highly recommended that you have your documents and planning reviewed no less often than every 2-3 years. It is important not to go beyond 3-5 years for a review or update of your estate planning documents and your estate plan. If you go beyond 5-7 years, then you are running a significant risk that your planning will be out of date and will not accomplish your objectives. The longer you wait, the more likely it is that your documents and planning will be out of date at the time they are needed the most. 

If you would like to review and possibly update your estate plan and would like our assistance, please call our office to schedule a mutually convenient time to meet. We will send you an estate planning package and confirm the date and time of your appointment. Our current fee schedule will also be enclosed in the package.  

If you prefer, you can go to the following address on our website and download the information for Returning Clients:

Under the Returning Clients section, you will find our estate planning packages for both single and married clients.  

During the estate planning conference, we will review your current documents, your assets, and other relevant information, including any changes within your family, to determine if any changes are needed. We will also answer any questions that you may have concerning your documents and your estate planning. Also at that time, we can discuss any potential changes that you want to have made concerning your estate planning. 

For clients who have Revocable Trusts, we also offer a trust funding review service. As part of this service, we review your titles, deeds, bank statements, brokerage account statements, and other evidence of ownership with you to determine if your trust is fully funded.  

We also show you how to put together a notebook to keep the information up to date. This will make it easier for you and your family to find needed information in the event of an emergency.  If you specifically want to include this service, please let us know when you call for the appointment. 

If you have a trust and it is not fully funded at your date of death or your disability, your assets and your loved ones can be subject to unnecessary probate procedures and the resulting costs and increased time and stress that can be involved. In some cases, there can also be needless estate taxation, and in other cases, there may be overly restrictive trusts that are no longer needed for your loved ones. With proper planning, these issues can be avoided and the process can be made much easier. 

Again, it is highly recommended that you have your documents and planning reviewed as outlined above. If you have any questions or would like to meet, please let us know.


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